Individual Learning Profiles
Full ILP software account and all the training included

One simple price for your ILP software account and full professional training. For specific information on the packages and prices Click Here

ILP Individual Account - 2 hours training, full 1 year license, 70 pupils - £195
ILP Team of 2 Account - 2 hours training, full 1 year license, 140 pupils - £310
ILP Group 6 Account - 6 hours training, full 2 year license, 500 pupils -£655
ILP Unlimited Account - 6 + 2 hours training, full 3 year license, unlimited - £985

ILP Course Syllabus

All the training packages cover every aspect of implementing ILP from the assessment, printing the individual and group reports and using the software. Depending on the training time purchased, elements of the ILP course syllabus, shown below, will get more or less priority. We will always tailor the course syllabus to meet your specific needs and requirements.

How do they learn? - Understand the basis of learning styles

How the brain processes learning according to its dominance profile

Discover their key skills using our assessment on an individual, group or class

Reveal the profile of each student by inputting their assessment into the software

Raising achievement - Individual Learning Profile reports

Printing the reports and using them to improve learning in class and at home.

Using the tailored stress reduction techniques to ease learning and exams anxieties

Employing the personalised techniques and strategies to help make learning easier

Positive Learning - simple class grouping strategies that work instantly

Highly effective seating plans based on pupil's physiological preferences

Grouping student's by their compatible profiles - excellent for peer learning

Grouping student's by their complimentary profiles - excellent for team learning

Outstanding Teaching - delivering highly effective tailored lessons

How to view the combined learning skills and strengths of the class & every group

Printing the overview report and using the suggested strategies to maximum effect

Easy matching of the teaching style to the learning style of the class and groups.

Quick differentiated grouping & targeted teaching style that will support all learners

Success with our quality training, support and resources

The quality of the software and all it's features makes learning and understanding this programme easy and straight forward. To support every teacher and user beyond their training, we've also added into the ILP software, all the training resources you'll ever need including;

Included - ILP Video/Film Training Refresher Resources
  Demonstrating the ILP assessment
  Background theory of brain organisation and dominances
  Understanding the ILP reports
  Demonstrations of the performance exercises
  How to guides on using the software
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Included - ILP Printable Training Refresher Resources
How-To guide on delivering the ILP assessment  
How-To guides on every aspect of using the software  
Wall or PE cards on using the Performance Exercises

Flexible training options

ILP training is available as an in-school whole day inset, group training, one-to-one in person or online.

The ILP Group 6 and ILP Unlimited package come with the Flexible training option. This means you and your staff can use your allocated training hours at times to suit you. You might opt for training as an Inset, small group or one-to-one during the regular school day.

Your six hour training package can be delivered as:

  One day Inset
  Two separate ½ day Insets during the school year
  Two ½ day group training sessions during the normal working school day
  Three 2 hour group training sessions during the normal working school day
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Our Flexible training means you and your staff can receive training during the regular school day, at your convenience, with minimal disruption and with immediate affect.