Individual Learning Profiles
The ILP software is a secure online resource with innovative applications for creating outstanding learning environments.

A school license gives registered users full access to the features, applications and teaching materials. A wealth of videos, display cards, reports and classroom organisation strategies are instantly available and so easy to use.
Innovative & Easy To Use Software Features that can Transform Your Classroom

Minimal Data For Maximum Potential

Having completed the 5 dominance checks in the classroom, simply access the software, enter in the student's name and year group, transfer their results by clicking on the left or right profiles then Save. That's all the student data you need to enter!

Quick to Information to Support Every Student

At a glance you can view any student's learning strengths and with a click download their personalised Individual learning Profile report. Simply click a student name and their report is available to download as a pdf to save, print or email.

Matching Teaching and Learning Styles - ILP Go!

The ILP Go! Is an overview feature that shows the preferred learning style of any group, class and even a year group.

This is a time efficient application that analysis learning patterns, and instantly identifies the most effective teaching styles that a group or class will respond to.

Quick View Teaching Ideas for Every Group and Class
At a glance you can view teaching and learning strategies to engage the dominant learning style of any group or class.
For more in depth information, click on a class or year group and their ILP Go! report is available to instantly download as a pdf to save, print or email.
Team Learning with Whole Brain Groupings

Ideal if you're a teacher that like an active learning environment. The software will match and group students within the class so each table has a full complement of learning style strengths - sequential, holistic, visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.

Matched Learning Styles with like-to-like Groupings
This feature groups students together with the same or similar learning strengths. This method is ideal for teachers who like to use a range of teaching styles, and provide varied resources to meet the needs of each group.
Planning Classes - Matching Students to Teachers
Analysing the dominance profile of students and teachers, the software can organise classes using the whole brain or like-tolike groupings. This gives teachers either a rich and balanced mixture of learning style strengths, or a class with students who share a similar and preferred learning style to them.
Free ILP Resources to use right now

If you would like to try the assessment and sample a version of the individual reports before you buy, then sign in below and download the free resources. There is no software to use or subscribe to. A simple no frills version that will give you great results.

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Free Access to the software and 5 free reports
We have teamed up with Promethean to provide their members with a host of ILP resources. If you are a registered Promethean Planet user you can download assessment flipcharts and use the voucher codes included. This voucher gives your school a free trial license of the software and 5 free accounts to save and print an ILP report for 5 students.