Individual Learning Profiles
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Individual Learning Profiles

Fascinating, insightful and ground breaking - a course rich in practical ideas and resources to raise achievement in the classroom

Give your class, year group or whole school the learning buzz and help every child achieve with ILP training. Combining practical activities, familiarisation of the software, assessments and the reports. We take a look at the background theory and the role of the brain in learning, and how simple tweaks in teaching style can create outstanding lessons and raise attainment.

With ILP training you will:
Expand your knowledge and understanding of the different ways the brain processes learning and the impact stress has in the ability to retain information.
Raise pupil achievement by assessing their learning needs and identify their natural skills, weak areas and how implementing recommended strategies can help them excel.
Deliver outstanding teaching by tweaking the learning environment and teaching style to match the needs of the class as a whole, groups of pupils or individuals.
Promote positive learning attitudes and effective peer learning through grouping students and differentiating learning by matching skills and learning style instead of by ability.
Improve student's independent study skills by providing them, and their parents, with effective strategies to manage stress and improve home study and exam revision techniques


Improved results by matching teaching and learning styles
"We feel sure that the improved results in our QCA year 3 and 4 tests, and in SATs, can be attributed to matching the teaching styles with the learning styles we discovered when we did the ILP programme"
Head teacher, Watling Lower School, Luton
Who Should Attend?

The one day course and workshops are available directly to schools and at venues around the UK. We would highly recommend ILP training to:

Primary, key stage II teachers  
Primary staff supporting children with SEN  
Secondary, key stage III and IV teachers
Secondary staff supporting pupils with SEN
Staff providing welfare support and counseling
What training is available?

Whether you're a school, group or interested persons, we can easily organise workshops, presentations or a day training for you.

One day Inset and National Training Dates

This is a one day training session at your school or selected venue (see calendar for schedule). The one day course looks at the assessments, using the software and its features, and how to support students individual learning needs. The training focuses on how to raise achievement and create outstanding lessons by matching the teaching and learning styles.

Webinar Training

Webinar is an excellent way to get training at a time convenient to you. Our regular online training sessions focus on specific areas of ILP. This means you can prioritise and tailor your learning in a way that's most appropriate to you. For more information on this service please contact us.

Training plus Pupil Workshops

One of our team will come along and assess your students in our 30 minute workshops. With the addition of a webinar training or one day inset day option, we can use your students profiles as part of the training programme.

Training, Pupil Workshops, Full software set up

Let our team do all the work for you. This full support package means when your training begins, all the student assessments have been done and your ILP site is fully ready to go.

One of our team will come to your school and assess the children and introduce them to the reports. School logo on every report.  
All assessments are inputted into your software along with classes and teachers.  
Full Training with populated software. Manuals provided,
Full access to all the software features
Interactive training and classroom DVD
Post course email and phone support
How do we get ourselves trained?

Whether you're a school, group or interested persons, we can easily organise workshops, presentations or a day training for you. Simply click the course enquiry button, fill in the details and we will get back to you with a price and availability. We will post national training dates and if you've signed up with us, we will update on upcoming events.

AchievementInMind in Partnership with Promethean Planet

For schools registered with Promethean Planet we offer the opportunity to experience different aspects of the ILP programme for free.

AchievementInMind fully endorses the community spirit of sharing knowledge and resources with teachers, and has teamed up as a preferred partner with Promethean Planet who also share this ethos.

To visit Promethean and start using the ILP resources, simply click on the Promethean Planet logo above.