Individual Learning Profiles

The ILP reports provide student, teachers, support workers and home with a wealth of information and strategies to enhance confidence, improve learning and raise achievement.

Using the student's profile information, the ILP software produces two types of reports. One is the ILP report for the individual, and the second is a group overview report, ILP Go! This shows the combined learning profile of a group of students, which can be a table of students, the class or even a whole year group.

The Individual Learning Profiles Report

The ILP reports are an invaluable resource for raising achievement in learning. Based on the brain and body dominance assessment, each ILP report includes a range of learning techniques for the student and recommended teaching strategies for the teacher/support staff. A single page report can also be downloaded for home use. An excellent resource for improving home study skills.

Learning style strengths
Possible challenges in learning, behaviour or communication when under stress
Seating suggestion for optimal learning
Most effective intervention and teaching strategies
Whole brain training activities to develop thinking skills
Specialised movement exercises to enhance performance and reduce the effects of stress

Discover what makes your class tick with ILP Go!

The ILP Go! Reports are a learning analysis of the whole class or any group. It is like looking directly at the brain of any group and discovering what makes it tick.

The ILP software produces the overview report by compiling the profiles of all students in the group.

The results can be viewed on screen or download as a pdf. A full range of ideas and strategies for teaching each type of group profile can also be downloaded.

Left and right brain ratio in the group - influences the dominant learning style.
Learning style strengths overview - ratio of visual, auditory, movement and communication learning styles.
Detail analysis of strengths - for example, communication strength may be verbal or non-verbal, visual may favour detail or big picture.
Learning style weak areas overview - ratio of visual, auditory, movement and communication styles that need support.
Detail analysis of weaker styles - identifies more specifically the type of visual, auditory, communication and movement styles to support
Exercises - the exercises most likely to defuse the effects of stress and enhance performance

ILP Go! offers a new, innovative and exciting insight into the learning brain of any group or class. It simplifies personalised learning and provides teachers with a fresh approach to raising achievement in learning.

Its targeted approach focused on matching learning and teaching styles, identifying and improving weaker areas, offers a positive contribution in creating outstanding learning environments for all.

Free ILP Resources to use right now

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