Individual Learning Profiles
Helping Every Learner Achieve

By profiling a student's natural learning style using the brain and body dominance checks, ILP resources provide a range of highly effective intervention for student's across the ability spectrum, from SEN and low attainers, to the able and gifted and talented.

ILP provides a wealth of ideas and resources aimed at raising achievement in learning for the individual student, groups within the class and the whole class.

Intervention to support Individual needs
Student support - self learning techniques to help improve study skills, engagement and retention of learning
Individual Teaching Strategies - matching their learning needs with teaching techniques, assessment ideas and presentation styles. Simple, useable strategies for teachers and support workers.
Expanded Thinking Skills - a range of selected activities and techniques to develop non dominant areas of thinking.
Intervention to Reduce Stress in Learning
Stress Reduction - Individual and whole class recommended movement exercises to reduce brain, body and sensory stresses associated with learning. The exercises are designed to reduce anxiety and improve visual perceptual skills, listening, communication, organisation, thinking and motor skills.

Use the movement exercises as a 5 minute pre lesson boost, brain breaks during a lesson, or as self help techniques during stressful times like exams.
Intervention to Improve Home Study Skills
Home support - a simplified ILP report containing key tips and ideas to assist both the student and their parents. A great resource for supporting home study skills.

There are no extra costs for producing any additional reports. You only pay once and that covers the life of the student in your school.
Learning Needs Analysis, Intervention For the Whole Class
Engaging the Whole Class - the ILP software produces a learning style profile of your class and any group of students. Displayed onscreen and downloadable as an ILP Go! report, it provides a clear and accurate analysis of their learning needs.

In conjunction with a teacher's Individual Learning Profile, the ILP Go! indicates where a teaching style can easily engage or inadvertently disengage a group or class. Using the ILP Go! Information can quickly lead to significant improvements in motivation, engagement and attainment.
Intervention for Delivering Outstanding Lessons
Targeted Teaching Strategies - Create the ILP Go! group or class profile then using our learning style teaching guides, map across the key strategies into your own planning and lesson delivery.

There are recommendations on lesson design, delivery, assessment, group working, quiet working, presentation styles and more.
Class Seating Intervention to Maximise Learning
Individual Seating Plans - To optimise learning with single seating plans, we recommend using our physiology of learning approach. Students are positioned in a room according to their dominant eye, ear and kinaesthetic needs.

By positioning student's in this way, it becomes easier to concentrate, listen and visually take in the information. It reflects our same unconscious preference to sit in a particular seat/area in a theatre, cinema or auditorium.
Intervention for Learning Equality, differentiating by learning style
Differentiate by Learning Style - the ILP software can organise your class into groups of learners who share identical or similar learning styles. In the majority of schools who use this approach, most under achieving pupils improve significantly in all areas of class life within weeks.

Using the ILP Go! Analysis and teaching resources, lessons are introduced to match the overall class profile, while the main body of the lesson can be fine tuned to meet the needs of each individual within a group setting. A highly effective approach to personalised learning.
Intervention for Improving Student Working Relationships
Developing Excellent Teams - For teachers who like an active classroom, the ILP software can organise your class into groups of learners with the most balanced mixture of learning styles.

Using the ILP Go! Analysis and teaching resources, the overall whole class teaching approach is mapped to the group work. Resource efficient and reduction in differentiation required, the lessons that use this approach see student's improve in their own abilities, their broader learning skills, and working together as a team.
Supporting You, Which Ever Intervention You Use
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Supporting Every Teacher - which ever of these interventions you use, you are fully supported with our practical resources including videos, printable guides, reports and software applications.

If you would like to try the assessment and sample a version of the individual reports before you buy, then sign in below and download the free resources. There is no software to use or subscribe to. A simple no frills version that will give you great results.

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We have teamed up with Promethean to provide their members with a host of ILP resources. If you are a registered Promethean Planet user you can download assessment flipcharts and use the voucher codes included. This voucher gives your school a free trial license of the software and 5 free accounts to save and print an ILP report for 5 students.